changing soundcards

Sam Hartman hartmans at
Wed Aug 12 14:55:21 UTC 2015

>>>>> "Kristoffer" == Kristoffer Gustafsson <kg.kristoffer at> writes:

    Kristoffer> Hi.  I don't really want to modify config files.  I just
    Kristoffer> want to change soundcard.  For example if I've got two
    Kristoffer> in the computer I want to choose wich card to use.  I'll
    Kristoffer> look into this. Last time I had my machine running I got
    Kristoffer> no amixer at all.  I ended up using aumix.  /Kristoffer

If you're using pulseaudio you can change the default sound output from
the sound settings tab in GNOME.

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