moving back to an old version

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Sun Aug 16 19:36:59 UTC 2015

On August 16, 2015, Kristoffer Gustafsson wrote:
> How good is it to move back to an older version of Linux for a
> Little bit? I'm thinking of installing lenny.

Because it no longer gets security updates, I wouldn't recommend
older than Debian Stable (currently that's Jessie, but whatever the
current flavor of that happens to be at the time you install) unless
you plan for the machine to be off-line only, which would severely
limit its usefulness.  You might be able to get by with one version
before Stable, which would be Wheezy.

You can get "older" releases by using RHEL or CentOS which
usually tracks an even older and more stable system by really only
giving security updates.  But that said, I've found that it is more
trouble than it's worth.

Also, running older systems makes it harder to get modern

> I'm planning to learn a Little basics. programming, compiling new
> kernels and such things.

Welcome to the club.  It's a lot of fun!


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