openssh update broke connectivity

Tony Baechler tony at
Mon Aug 17 11:41:51 UTC 2015

I have good news and bad news.  The good news is the ssh problem isn't your 
fault.  The bad news is you're going to have to either downgrade (not 
recommended) or make some configuration changes.  It always pays to read the 
change logs first, especially when something used to work before the change. 
  In this case, the problem is they disabled weak cyphers.  I am not sure if 
you can turn them back on in ssh_config or if you have to recompile, but I 
think the later.  The problem, I'm guessing, is that Shellworld is using a 
weak cypher by default.  What do you get when you telnet to the IP address 
on port 22?  I bet it's an older version of sshd.  I suggest asking them to 
fix the problem on their end as everyone else who upgrades will eventually 
have the same problem.  Alternatively, you could generate a new ssh key 
which uses a stronger cypher, but if it's an sshd problem on their end, that 
won't help.

On 8/16/2015 9:24 PM, Jude DaShiell wrote:
> The same thing happens when I try an ssh connect the script below just shows
> an instance of what happened when trying to use ssh-copy-id.  I can send the
> openssh version in another message.  I had done no modification to
> configuration files between versions.

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