is ubuntu good?

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If I can make a suggestion, you might wish to try Ubuntu MATE.  It ships the 
MATE desktop instead of Gnome.  It's great for older hardware and generally 
has excellent accessibility.  I installed it here and I've been very happy 
with it so far.  The menu layout is very much like Windows XP.  Orca comes 
up talking and Speakup can be made to work without too much trouble.  You'll 
need to either install the espeakup or speechd-up packages by hand if you 
want Speakup to work and make sure the speakup_soft module is in 
/etc/modules.  I recommend the espeakup package for better performance, but 
if you want to use Speakup with Speech Dispatcher, install speechd-up.  To 
answer your other question, I think they would like a demonstration of how 
the desktop works.  For example, I was able to go to my NTFS drive, select 
an mp3 file and play it almost exactly as I would in Windows.  I am not 
trying to make a coparison as they are obviously very different interfaces 
and operating systems, but I'm saying that the learning curve is minimal. 
You can even try it from the live DVD before installation.  I recommend 
15.04 for the latest packages, but there is a 14.04 long term support 
release, albeit not linked directly.  Ask if you want a direct download link.

Also, I offer a low cost support service for exacly these kinds of 
questions.  Please write off list if you're interested.  My contact 
information is in my signature.  I'm currently offering a discounted price 
of $99 per year for new customers, but that will go up soon.  I also offer 
monthly and quarterly plans.  PayPal is preferred but I can also accept 
money orders and personal checks in US Dollars.

On 8/17/2015 4:00 AM, Kristoffer Gustafsson wrote:
> Ok, then I'll try ubuntu.
> It seems the easiest way to learn.
> Also, it can interest more people when I'm making my podcasts for my
> Swedish friends.
> I got the idea when windows 10 was released.
> I didn't like it at all, and I Think that some of my Swedish friends
> are like me.
> What things do you Think my friends will be intestered to hear if I
> begin with this Project?


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