is ubuntu good?

Tony Baechler tony at
Wed Aug 19 09:32:13 UTC 2015

On 8/18/2015 6:28 PM, John G. Heim wrote:
> IIRC, you said your machine has 4Gb of ram. The only remaining thing is your
> network connection.  Maybe your network link is iffy? That might cause the
> install to hang. What it does is to run the downloads in the background
> while it's asking you other questions. Although, I don't think that process
> starts until after you've partitioned your hard drive.

Yes, John brings up a good point here.  I unchecked the box to download 
updates while installing and it seemed to make a difference.  When I did it 
the first time, I left the box checked and it just sat there, apparently not 
doing anything.

Also, if you've gone through the partition manager and everything should be 
working but it won't actually let you install, you have something set wrong 
in your partitions.  Double check everything.  You'll know the partitions 
are good because pressing Tab should eventually get you to an "Install now" 
button.  In my case, I couldn't get it to install because I didn't format 
the new partition first.  Once I confirmed everything, it worked fine.  Use 
the Orca flat review to see what's going on.  When it loads the slideshow, 
you won't get feedback from Orca.  Just be patient once you select "Install 
now" after confirming your partitions and pressing that button.

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