Sighted help

Tony Baechler tony at
Sat Aug 22 08:49:03 UTC 2015

As mentioned, in my case, I usually can't reliably get sighted help.  I can 
get it, but they don't want to read the screen while I fumble my way through 
BIOS.  This is a classic case of them just telling me to get out of the way 
and doing it for me.  Since what you describe is a real problem and has 
happened to me a number of times, I make sure to have them set my first boot 
device to CD when the computer is built.  The only reason why they would 
need to even look at BIOS after that point is if it crashes or there is a 
hardware problem.  I can say it's been years since I've needed to make BIOS 

No, I don't feel like less of a computer user, but I do feel like the 
manufacturers really need to address the lack of accessibility.  Since I 
still use a serial synthesizer, if I can get sighted help long enough, I 
might see if my BIOS can output to a serial port by way of experimentation. 
  It's very frustrating to me when I can't fix the problem myself and yes, 
on more than one occasion, I've lived with not being able to install Linux 
because it just wasn't worth the hassle of trying to get someone to take a 
look.  I can't believe that it's 2015 and there is still no guaranteed 100% 
accessible BIOS or some alternative means of accessing it.  If you're with 
an advocacy organization and you're reading this, it's high time that 
someone complains to the BIOS manufacturers about this.  This is a problem 
for any blind computer user, regardless of the machine or operating system. 
  From what little I've read, even the Mac doesn't have an accessible way to 
select your boot device.

On 8/20/2015 8:27 PM, Christopher Chaltain wrote:
> I agree, we should be able to install and setup a system without asking for
> help, but out of curiosity what do you and others do when you need to make a
> change in BIOS to install Linux on your PC, such as when you need to change
> the boot order? Do you just pass on ever running Linux on that machine
> because you might need sighted help once in a while to get past this one
> step? If you do get help during this step, which you may only need to
> perform once in the life of your PC, do you beat yourself up and feel like
> less of a computer user because the BIOS screen wasn't accessible?

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