odd question?

Karen Lewellen klewellen at shellworld.net
Sun Dec 13 23:13:45 UTC 2015

what i was asking in a way you answered, that new  kernels, do not support 
hardware speech.
In a totally different thread you indicated the need to compile  Linux with 
an old kernel, as in not  the current one, for hardware speech.
I am asking to confirm this in case I must explain why I do not want a more 
current distribution with this Kernel problem.
Software speech is a physical problem for me.
Frankly the fact squeeze is about to stop being supported has no impact on 
how  I intend using this Linux box, assuming it ever gets off the ground.
so to keep it simple, current kernels do  not support hardware speech 
any longer Is this right?

On Sun, 13 Dec 2015, Tony Baechler wrote:

> I don't understand what you're asking.  I think you're asking if you need an 
> older kernel for hardware speech.  If you're using a serial synth, the answer 
> would seem to be yes, but there are patches for newer kernels which I haven't 
> tested.  If you can live with software speech, you don't need an older 
> kernel.  If you're only going to ssh to the machine and don't need speech, it 
> makes no difference what kernel you're running.  I should mention that 
> Squeeze will very shortly no longer be supported and will be removed from the 
> archive.  Kernel 2.6.32 had upstream support dropped this year.  If you have 
> a sound card and can tolerate software speech, that would be my suggestion. 
> If you must have serial speech, maybe someone can compile a custom kernel for 
> you, but you'd have to do the install with software speech, have someone else 
> do it or do it over ssh.  What I did was install Squeeze, upgrade to Wheezy 
> and keep both kernels.  That way I could have hardware speech if I wanted, 
> but I actually didn't mind ESpeak for the few times I actually sat at the 
> machine.  I did everything over ssh and I really didn't need speech except 
> rarely.  Another thought I had is a serial console.  That might be better for 
> you since you wouldn't need ssh, could access it from DOS, use hardware 
> speech and I think D-I lets you install that way.  That also gives you boot 
> messages which you don't get with software speech.
> On 12/9/2015 2:07 PM, Karen Lewellen wrote:
>>  Hi all,
>>  I hope I ask this clearly.
>>  I *believe* I may have found a source for local Linux help here.
>>  As I sated a while back  I intend using ssh telnet to reach this box.
>>  However I may need to explain to the person helping me about the changes
>>  that I believe? now might require too much work to insure speech in later
>>  editions of Debian.  the need to compile or use an older Kernel?
>>  I do not pretend to have that fact correctly, only I recall others making
>>  mention of this need.
>>  I have no interest so much in using  speech on this box.  still I may have
>>  a
>>  strong argument for my older editions of Debian based on the older Kennel
>>  still existing in squeeze.
>>  Thanks,
>>  Karen
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