Thunderbird reading random numbers

Ryan Hughes ryan at
Tue Jan 6 16:33:43 UTC 2015

So I was setting up Thunderbird and it started downloading all my messages 
from my IMAP server.  It seemed legit.  It was expected to take a little 

However, orca was giving me constant updates from the "Downloading message 
N of M" status bar on Thunderbird, no matter what application had focus, 
no matter what workspace I was on.  So if I started trying to type 
something else in the terminal, I wasn't hearing my keys echoed back to me 
because I had to wait to hear "eight nine thirty seven five forty one" a 
whole bunch.

Is there some way to turn off that type of status bar thingy?  In my Orca 
preferences, it is set to give progress bar updates every 10 seconds and 
its scope is restricted to the application.  Is there something else I 
should be doing?

Would this be covered if I read some kind of "how to use linux blind" 
tutorial instead of hopping through random pages on the vinux wiki?



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