one more quickie, remains removing speakup from memory.

Karen Lewellen klewellen at
Sun Jan 25 20:05:10 UTC 2015

Hi folks,
Thanks for all the wisdom and patience.
The answer to this one will let me know if I should try removing speakup 
before the extra help is here.
Does speakup give a verbal confirmation once removed?
If not, best to wait.
The test fir ip information is clear so it will be simply a matter of 
noting the results..assuming there are any.
I will have a follow up question about that or a follow up conformation that 
the person who put debian on a hard drive and sent it to me, did not 
include  Internet considerations outside of for a dialup modem they also 
sent, but was not installed when the actual computer was built.
I have an Ethernet card in the box of course, learning if it is usable, 
and if I can get enough information to ssh TELNET into the box from my 
main DOS computer remains the goal.


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