results of my try.

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Wed Jan 28 04:25:59 UTC 2015

I don't think this is the only problem from the errors you got, but shouldn't you have been doing these commands "ifconfig" and "shutdown" as root rather than as your user? Also, ~# is for root and ~$ is for a normal user but what is ~s for? Maybe I missed the post that explained more about what you are doing? But in debian you would usually do shutdown -h as root and you would need a further designation such as now if you want it to shut down immediately. An ifconfig command would also usually be done as root. Also, are you sure that your ethernet card works and is recognized by your debian installation? If the card wasn't recognized or a module was needed for the ethernet card that you don't have loading, I think you might get that error. I admit I hadn't really noticed or been following this thread so what I am writing may be something you already know or your setup may be different than I think it is, but I am a debian user.


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On Jan 27, 2015, at 7:13 PM, Karen Lewellen <klewellen at> wrote:

Hi all,
here is what happened when seeking the ip address.
Let me explain how I set up the machine.
before even booting I put the dsl cable I am using now to send
this message into the linux box, keeping it connected to my
modem/rooter  as usual.
Because  we were pressed for time,  after letting speakup start,
and entering my username, Karen, and my password, I simply used
the print screen key to  silence speakup.
the error message we got is below.
I saw karen at suburst:~s and there was no other place to type so
after karen at sunburst:~s I typed /sbin/ifconfig eth0 as instructed
the message we got was:  eth0: error fetching interface
information: Device not Found

We tried the step more than once to be sure.
let me add that typing shutdown -h  also produced an error, so I
simply turned off the machine after restoring speakup.
The Ethernet card was in the computer before the hard drive
containing Debian was installed, so was the rest of the hardware
Linux identified.

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