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Install twrp on the tablet, and install adb on your Linux. Then, root
your tablet. From there on you can do it all.

Jude DaShiell writes:
> If a linux user with a pc has an android tablet with its usb cable can the
> linux user take over the android tablet by plugging it into the pc and
> adjust settings of the android tablet using the pc keyboard?  I got an lg
> gpad 7 from AT&T and I'm thinking I need to erase the tablet and not save
> any settings on it at this point.  That or have it put in a shooting range
> and worked over with an assault rifle before mailing it back to AT&T.
> Whenever the tablet goes into a work area it scrolls and the buttons all
> seem to say home and I can't move to an item in settings and have it
> announce any longer either.  I can't get the notification shade to close nd
> the back buttons have been replaced by screen off buttons.
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