simple home monitoring?

Joel Roth joelz at
Sat Jul 18 22:36:49 UTC 2015

Karen Lewellen wrote:
> Good answers, let me spell this out more carefully.
> 1, this is an apartment building, and I am on the top floor.
> 2, I have no need to monitor when I am home, the two locks I have on the
> door  prevent entry.
> 3. I have no pets unless you count my stuffies.
> 4, I only need to monitor /capture activity  on the front door, and
> obviously prefer something that might not attract too much attention , I
> know  where to place the camera   to prevent  issues.  something I would
> activated when I leave, and turn off when home.
> if you must run a wire from the door to the pie, that might defeat the
> purpose.
> based on that simplicity, if a machine for it really is $40 in Canada i
> might get something new since it will only be doing this job.  No machines
> with anything running on them now, but have an older desktop.   p 2 i think
> that could be set up for it.
> what is the simplest way  to do the job based on these details?
> I am not vetoing anything just want to keep it simple.
> Karen

I've had good experience with Primos Truthcam 35, a day/nite
hunting camera that can record photos or video when
triggered by a motion sensor. It is bulky 6 x 8 x 3 inches.
Joel Roth

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