simple home monitoring?

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Sun Jul 19 19:31:26 UTC 2015

> Your google link just takes me to google proper.
> what is the model  of that unit, sounds perfect.

Strange the link was messed up for you.  The web can be a weird place
at times.  It was a "D-Link DCS 932L" which was showing for around
$30, though I didn't dig further to see who the vendor was (I seem to
recall it was an Ebay thing).  A little more searching shows it
available at Walmart for around $47 and a little searching for "IP
security camera" on Amazon turned up some affordable options ($20-50)
that I've put at the bottom of this email.

> As long as the interface is not Linux proper getting it setup
> should be possible.

Based on my read-throughs of various instructions, the basic process
would be to put it on your network, check your router to see what IP
address it received, and then point your web-browser at that IP
address.  If you're lucky, the documentation might give you a name
you can try to use instead of having to check your router's interface
for the IP address.

However, looking over the screen-shots of the web interfaces, most
seem to require a JavaScript-enabled browser to set up some of the
features such as which region you want to monitor for motion.  

While some support WiFi, the initial configuration usually needs to be
done via the wired connection.  Additionally, the IP address that your
router gives will likely change depending on whether you're connected
via WiFi or network-cable.

Hope this helps,


Some hits from Amazon as promised

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