Slander risk. was a *very* odd question especially for me.

Karen Lewellen klewellen at
Sat Jul 25 04:41:15 UTC 2015

Hi all,
Although I did not read Janina's comments given she is not engaged in 
professional composition like Peter and some of the others,, I am told 
privately that she might have...shall 
we say seasoned her suggestions with her imaginary  take on  my personal 
choices smiles.
I have personally had no contact with her for close to a decade, and as 
the list archives  here shows, the stand alone Linux box that another 
member provided the debian installed hard drive for has  issues.  I have 
the list to thank for interpreting the errors in the lack of intern et 
capabilities  whatsoever for example.
I speak only for myself when  discussing computers because well that is 
all anyone can do unless you think that all those with a label are the 
same.  i. e. only jaws exists for speech  lol.
that someone has gone  to the trouble of resurrecting dos for those who 
did not find ways to keep  productive with it suggests that some might 
envy my ability to do everything I personally desire doing entirely in 
I have zero intention of reading Janina's comments. However i will point 
that Slander is a legally punishable offense, with jurisprudence existing 
where mailing lists can constitute enough of a public arena to be subject. 
I am more than willing to press a matter legally if someone gives me cause to do so.  I suggest  she 
considers this before engaging in the sort of reckless disregard for 
truth  that I understand she may have engaged in With her post.
most sincerely,
Karen Lewellen Senior-producer
Common ground  Media
A division of Curtain Up distribution INC.
Centre for Social Innovation
585 Dundas street east Suite 300
Toronto Ontario M5A 2B7

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