Slander risk. was a *very* odd question especially for me.

Christopher Chaltain chaltain at
Sat Jul 25 16:50:02 UTC 2015

I'd think you'd also have to prove damage, and I don't think it would be 
possible to prove damage based on someone's comments on such a low 
traffic list. I haven't paid too much attention to this thread, since 
the original poster doesn't seem to be too open to suggestions, but I 
definitely didn't see any slander in the posts I quickly reviewed before 

On 07/25/2015 10:52 AM, Al Sten-Clanton wrote:
> I read Janina's comments and found no hint of slander.  Whether I'm
> right or wrong about that is itself unimportant, but it's a bad idea
> even to raise the matter of defamation without first reading her
> comments yourself.
> Al
> On 7/25/2015 12:41 AM, Karen Lewellen wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Although I did not read Janina's comments given she is not engaged in
>> professional composition like Peter and some of the others,, I am told
>> privately that she might have...shall we say seasoned her suggestions
>> with her imaginary  take on  my personal choices smiles.
>> I have personally had no contact with her for close to a decade, and as
>> the list archives  here shows, the stand alone Linux box that another
>> member provided the debian installed hard drive for has  issues.  I have
>> the list to thank for interpreting the errors in the lack of intern et
>> capabilities  whatsoever for example.
>> I speak only for myself when  discussing computers because well that is
>> all anyone can do unless you think that all those with a label are the
>> same.  i. e. only jaws exists for speech  lol.
>> that someone has gone  to the trouble of resurrecting dos for those who
>> did not find ways to keep  productive with it suggests that some might
>> envy my ability to do everything I personally desire doing entirely in
>> dos.
>> I have zero intention of reading Janina's comments. However i will point
>> out that Slander is a legally punishable offense, with jurisprudence
>> existing where mailing lists can constitute enough of a public arena to
>> be subject. I am more than willing to press a matter legally if someone
>> gives me cause to do so.  I suggest  she considers this before engaging
>> in the sort of reckless disregard for truth  that I understand she may
>> have engaged in With her post.
>> most sincerely,
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