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Sun Jul 26 14:42:24 UTC 2015

Of course it is.
I have not dealt with the so called memory restrictions of dos for years.
I have 784 meg of ram on this pure dos machine alone.
with protected modes and  other tools memory is a breeze.
However no one said anything about running lillypond from dos, unless 
another person  started that thread.
At least in my case, since I use dsl in dos daily including using ssh 
TELNET into the ubuntu shell of dreamhost and shellworld of course, then, 
with a properly constructed Linux box, then I will just ssh TELNET into 
it from my dos machine.
Granted such a thing as a properly constructed Linux box  is at least in my 
personal experience, far more of a challenge than breaking the DOS memory 
barrier, but I know the milliage of others varies.
I would never discourage a person from trying lillypond  in dos though if 
they wanted.
reach out to their support team and ask.
I have a copy of lillypond  that i downloaded ages back that could run in 
DOS.  additionally I  know an associate who did it as well.
Running Lillypond in dos was never  my intention as my post indicated, but 
given the flexibility of dos 
especially editions  like freedos that are still under development, then 
why not?

On Sun, 26 Jul 2015, Shlomi Fish wrote:

> Hi Janina and everybody,
> On Sat, 25 Jul 2015 16:00:12 -0400
> Janina Sajka <janina at> wrote:
>> Are you serious? The Lilypond executable alone is 4.5 megs. How's that
>> supposed to even run within the 640K confines of DOS? Let alone the
>> required libraries to compile the binary?
> I recall that DJGPP (see )’s executables
> could access more RAM than that using
> (DPMI). So it may be
> possible.
> Regards,
> 	Shlomi Fish
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