linux music tools It is quite possible and was done all the time in the bad

Hart Larry chime at
Tue Jul 28 22:37:30 UTC 2015

I like your comments Sam. And yes while there seems much more developement of 
Linux tools than DOS, why is it we have many less screen-reader options? In a 
non-graphical console, I count only these screen-readers:
Maybe emacsspeak
WB and clifox
Unfortunately Speakup seems to be an only choice I have with a DecTalk U S B? 
Jupiter worked with my older DEC PC.  At least many of DOS screen-readers were 
commercial-and-they had lots of features, such as ajustable pronunciation 
dictionaries. So in these cases a screen-reader is both a comfortable listening 
as well as typing experience. And no, Sam, after nearly 9 consecutive years in 
strictly Linux, I never have been able to understand-and-jump from writing 
simple DOS batch files to understanding nor writing Linux scripts or aliases. In 
DOS the commands seemed understandable to a non-programmer. So while these days 
I only run DOS from Linux, I can certainly understand-and-appreciate why some1 
would want to remain in mostly DOS. Thanks once again for listening--and-yes I 
understand if I were able to created, I would be able to enjoy 
dreams-and-inhancements on this Debian machine such as an easier mp3editor, or 
create software to normalize videos in a directory.

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