linux music tools It is quite possible and was done all the time in the bad

Hart Larry chime at
Wed Jul 29 04:21:47 UTC 2015

Thanks Janina, but first of all, I run in tcsh, and I suppose an easy way would 
be running dosemu with the correct switches, so the program exits. I 
occasionally run a DOS homepage maker. Meanwhile, thanks for your offer,, but I 
have no idea if I will ever be more than a user, even though sometimes at our 
LUG I get to help some1. For example, I had some1 run fakeroot which was a big 
assist for her-and-she wondered  what the permissions were?
Otherwise, Janina, 2 currently remaining wishlist items here, an easier 
mp3editor, in the style of NANO, also a way of normalizing all videos in a 
directory. Thanks again

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