linux music tools It is quite possible and was done all the time in the bad

Janina Sajka janina at
Wed Jul 29 04:41:58 UTC 2015

Hart Larry writes:
> Otherwise, Janina, 2 currently remaining wishlist items here, an easier
> mp3editor, in the style of NANO,

What do you mean by "mp3 editor?" What are you editing? The audio?
That's not a scripting task.

And, what's wrong with using Chuck Hallenbeck's audio editor?

> also a way of normalizing all videos in a
> directory. Thanks again

OK, once again the "normalizing" task is not a scripting task. Heck, I
don't even understand what it means to "normalize a video?" Can you

The part of this that MIGHT be  scripting is "all the files in a directory,"
and that part is easy:

for i in $(ls ); do
[] $i

But, it's also possible you don't even need a script. Just put yourself
in the directory and do:

[] *

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