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Wed Jul 29 09:25:34 UTC 2015

Try either ffmpeg or libav-tools.  Either ffmpeg or avconv can do this.  I 
don't know the specific command because I don't use them for that purpose, 
but I'm sure there is a normalization filter.  If you transcode the video to 
audio (they can do that too) there is also sox which works well.  I offer a 
$99 per year support service for these kinds of questions.  Please see my 
contact information in my signature.

On 7/28/2015 10:00 PM, Hart Larry wrote:
> OK Janina, as far as normalizing, please consider "mp3gain" which you alter
> levels of an mp3, but in most cases there are no equivalant programs to
> change audio levels in an mp4 or many other video formats. And as far as an
> mp3editor, well Chuck's edway is a converter, but there was another one
> which had these ellavators, did not seem to be something where I could just
> arrow through sound-and-turn on-and-off blocks as you would in a word
> processor Thanks for inquiring
> Hart
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