linux music tools It is quite possible and was done all the time in the bad

Tony Baechler tony at
Wed Jul 29 11:01:22 UTC 2015

If anyone cares, here are a couple sites of possible interest:

There are some old DOS screen readers available, including Vocal-Eyes and 
TinyTalk.  I couldn't get TT to work here under DOSBox, but I didn't try 
very hard.  I understand from a source who shall remain nameless that ASAP 
is basically unsupported abandonware since the company is out of business 
and it's no longer sold.

I host several DOS games and talking DOSBox packages containing various 
screen readers, including JAWS for DOS which does apparently work with a 
sound card.  I did not assemble these packages and I do not provide support 
for them.  You can throw away the DOSBox files and play the games fine under 
dosemu or real DOS.  DOSBox runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.  The packages 
include the Windows executables.

On 7/29/2015 3:25 AM, Jude DaShiell wrote:
> If you have to use dos, screen readers exist all be it with discontinued
> support.  Jaws for dos can be downloaded from the freedomsdcientific ftp
> site when you find it.  Since support got discontinued you don't get charged
> for the download.  Another one is provox 7.5 written by Chuck Hallenbeck.
> Provox needs a supported hardware speech synthesizer to work and I've read
> jaws for dos can do hardware of sound card but I have never tested the sound
> card part of that claim.  It's hard to find tinytalk in a whole package any
> longer but that had hardware screen reader support and limited sound card
> support but could only use com1 and com2 at last version.

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