How to extract string from filename solved

Tony Baechler tony at
Fri Jul 31 09:12:38 UTC 2015

You're right!  I totally missed that and I should know better.  I use that 
syntax without the "ls" all the time and I didn't even think about it. 
Maybe that's why it takes forever to run.  Fortunately I can put "&" at the 
end to run it in the background.  Of course I have thousands of files to 

On 7/30/2015 6:11 AM, Tim Chase wrote:
> On July 30, 2015, Tony Baechler wrote:
>> #Since there are no spaces in the names, use for loop
>> for i in $(ls *mp3);do
> For the record, this can be simplified to just
>    for i in *mp3 ; do
> -tim

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