Nano 2.4.0 problem

reinoud rrreinoud at
Sun Jun 7 10:34:40 UTC 2015

On 07/06/15 10:37, Paul Merrell wrote:
> Fourth choice: Go back to Nano 2.2.6, file a bug report on Nano 2.4.1
> and upgrade after the bug is fixed.

Apologies if I'm being naive as an outsider and recent subscriber. Reporting a bug seems an excellent suggestion, frustrating as this must be. You may feel this shouldn't be necessary, but the developers/maintainers probably aren't even aware of such problems.

In my experience maintainers of projects like this are friendly and helpful people.

If you have trouble finding or navigating the right place to file a report, let me know, maybe I can help. When describing a bug, be very specific about versions, distributions, assistive tools used, and the exact situation where the bug occurs. The point is that they should be able to reproduce any problem with as little effort as possible.

Don't hesitate to discuss bug reports on your own list, and provide a pointer to that with the bug report. Wouldn't be the first time a developer subscribes to a specific user list to keep in touch.

Just some thoughts!

- Reinoud

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