Nano 2.4.0 problem

Tony Baechler tony at
Sun Jun 7 10:41:49 UTC 2015

I forgot to mention that 2.2.6 is no longer in testing, so I would have to
download and install by hand and tell the package tools not to upgrade.  I
am on testing and such problems are somewhat expected, but I usually don't
run into issues of quite this severity.  I'm actually somewhat surprised.

On 6/7/2015 3:38 AM, Tony Baechler wrote:
> Yes, of course I was going to file a bug, or at least I was thinking about
> it.  It's definitely a severe issue if Nano can't accept files on the
> command line.  However, that doesn't solve my immediate problem.  I still
> need some kind of decent editor.  I'm liking NE more and more, so that's
> probably going to be my choice.  Besides, the ne package is much smaller
> than the nano package.  Even if Nano 2.4.1 works correctly, 2.4.0 and up
> still have the problem of repeating everything on the screen when a new line
> is entered and I haven't been able to determine why, so filing a bug still
> wouldn't solve that problem.

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