blind-accessible Linux [was: question for e-links users?]

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Sat May 16 19:20:55 UTC 2015

> I'm looking for information on which Version of Linux that
> I can use as a blind user for running the server software

greetings, CD, and welcome to the list.  Any of the
accessible distributions of Linux should also provide you
with the ability to add server functionality.  Popular
choices include

 - Vinux

 - Sonar GNU/Linux

 - Oralux (mostly defunct from my understanding)

which should all boot into an accessible environment.  You
don't mention what sort of server you plan to administer:
Web server?  Mail server?  Gaming server?  Chat server?
File server? Bit-torrent server?  Any of these servers (and
more) should readily be installable on the above distros.

That said, just about any popular Linux distro can bring in
accessible components such as SpeakUp, Orca, brltty, etc.
and you can install the same server software on them as

Additionally, if you have a machine that works well for you
at the moment, you can get your feet wet by using SSH
(Secure Shell) to connect remotely to the Linux box and
administer it over the terminal connection instead of
relying (or re-learning) the new interface all at once.

Hope this helps,


PS: I changed the subject line, a courtesy, as it helps
identify the topic of the thread in question.

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