using chromium and chromium-chromevox

Al Sten-Clanton albert.e.sten_clanton at
Sun May 17 01:33:56 UTC 2015


I'm seeking to take a Linux system administration course offered by the 
Linux Foundation, a course that ends in an exam.  The short story is 
that apparently I need to use chrome to take that exam.  Well, Arch 
Linux does not seem to have chrome available but does have chromium, 
which I gather is a close sibling to chrome.  Arch also has 
chromium-chromevox (in AUR), which is supposed to force chromium to use 
a screen reader.  I hope I'm not oversimplifying, but this is my 

Having installed chromium and then chromium-chromevox, then reinstalling 
chromium for good measure, I tried running chromium.  I've gotten 
nothing but the occasional tone or group of tones, and I'm not sure what 
caused them.  I've had orca on and off.  I tried keystrokes noted in the 
user guide at, such as tab or combining control or alt 
with an arrow key, and have gotten nothing.

Does anybody have any suggestions?  Am I stumbling down the wrong rocky 
path?  Thanks for any help.


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