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Sun May 31 13:48:46 UTC 2015

Anyone have any idea why it appears in emacs-orgmode 8.29 the entire 
spreadsheet functionality got trashed?  I have 400 records in a file and 
all I get when entering formulas is #ERROR for the results.  Mind you, 
no explanation for the #ERROR either.
Command line linux is a bad environment for doing statistics unless you 
know about datamash or have taken a class on R.  I may try dismal to 
replace orgmode for this work since it was developed for the Air Force 
it might have ability to get things done.

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> Hi all,
> Just subscribed here. I'm a long-time fairly heavy linux user (pro I guess, 
> engineer, sighted BTW) and have developed assistive software long time ago 
> but must admit to being out of touch with that.
> Right now I'm developing a high-res realtime tactile display (does Optacon 
> ring a bell?), if you're interested there's more info at 
> I'm looking at possibilities for using the tactile display with embedded and 
> desktop linux systems. Pleasantly surprised to find such an active linux 
> mailing list!
> - Reinoud
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