pulse audio speakup and orca

Mike and Jenna schwaltze at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 19:38:19 UTC 2015


I am coming a long way on the new directions for making a newer version of
debian Vinux butt want to maybe get some suggestions I recompiled espeak to
use  pulse audio I will paste the instructions that I have required from
john and a few others from mailing lists.

>> Edit the Makefile and find the section which reads like this:
>> # 'runtime' uses pulseaudio if it is running, else uses portaudio
>> #AUDIO = runtime
>> AUDIO = portaudio
>> #AUDIO = portaudio0
>> #AUDIO = portaudio2
>> #AUDIO = pulseaudio
>> #AUDIO = sada
>> And simply change it to read thusly:
>> # 'runtime' uses pulseaudio if it is running, else uses portaudio
>> #AUDIO = runtime
>> #AUDIO = portaudio
>> #AUDIO = portaudio0
>> #AUDIO = portaudio2
>> AUDIO = pulseaudio
>> #AUDIO = sada
>> As you can see I just commented out portaudio and uncommented 
>> pulseaudio.

cd ../../
apt-get install espeakup
cd espeakup-0.71/
make install

modprobe speakup-soft

Now I wonder If I should go threw this next part and try as I am building it
as a rolling release using sid and apt-get -u to hold back broken packages

Here is the part in question mind you I am using software speech and not
hardware speech.

In Debian Jessie/Sid, you will need to edit 
/etc/default/pulseaudio to have this line:


And in /etc/pulse/client.conf:

autospawn = no

It's been a while since I configured speech for orca, but I think I had to 
modify /etc/speech-dispatcher/speechd.conf to use a unix socket:

SocketPath "/var/run/speech-dispatcher/speech-dispatcher.sock"

And in my .bash_profile, I added:


I use hardware speech with speakup on the machine running orca and I don't 
run orca on the machine using espeakup, so I can't say that it will work 
for both orca and speakup with espeakup. Please follow up if I missed 

Here is a link to the bug report.


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