orca friendly partition recovery software

Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Tue Sep 1 09:28:00 UTC 2015

On 8/31/2015 8:34 AM, Anders Holmberg wrote:
> Testdisk is good but i had no luck with my harddisk.
> Photorec does not seem to recover the names of the files but i guess that is to beg for to much or?

I don't understand.  What was the filesystem?  On my FAT32 SD card, it 
recovered enough of the filenames for me to figure out what they are. 
Apparently, due to structural limitations in FAT, it only recovers the first 
8 characters.  However, I tried a program in Windows which showed me the 
full filenames, but it's commercial and wouldn't actually recover anything 
unless I paid for it which I wasn't going to do.

> There are other cli tools as well.
> Scalpel or foremost.
> /A

I'm not familiar with those.  Are they designed for data recovery?  Also, 
the poster asked for a GUI solution.  The only thing that comes to mind for 
the GUI is gparted.  It has limited partition recovery and might be able to 
recover the filesystem.

Regardless of what tools you try, make an image of the media first and work 
with the image.  That way you don't risk damaging the media further and the 
image is probably faster to read.

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