orca friendly partition recovery software

kk krmane at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 10:55:40 UTC 2015

I found gparted pretty accessible.
happy hacking.

On Tuesday 01 September 2015 02:58 PM, Tony Baechler wrote:
> On 8/31/2015 8:34 AM, Anders Holmberg wrote:
>> Testdisk is good but i had no luck with my harddisk.
>> Photorec does not seem to recover the names of the files but i guess 
>> that is to beg for to much or?
> I don't understand.  What was the filesystem?  On my FAT32 SD card, it 
> recovered enough of the filenames for me to figure out what they are. 
> Apparently, due to structural limitations in FAT, it only recovers the 
> first 8 characters.  However, I tried a program in Windows which 
> showed me the full filenames, but it's commercial and wouldn't 
> actually recover anything unless I paid for it which I wasn't going to 
> do.
>> There are other cli tools as well.
>> Scalpel or foremost.
>> /A
> I'm not familiar with those.  Are they designed for data recovery?  
> Also, the poster asked for a GUI solution.  The only thing that comes 
> to mind for the GUI is gparted.  It has limited partition recovery and 
> might be able to recover the filesystem.
> Regardless of what tools you try, make an image of the media first and 
> work with the image.  That way you don't risk damaging the media 
> further and the image is probably faster to read.
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