brltty depends on ubuntu-mate-desktop

John G Heim jheim at
Tue Sep 1 21:43:58 UTC 2015

I have a problem with brltty. The main problem is that it doesn't work. 
I just don't get anything on my braille display. I know the display is 
working because I can boot with a thumb drive and it works. I thought 
I'd try uninstalling brltty and reinstalling it but when I did that, it 
wanted to uninstall the mate desktop as well.  In other words, if I 
type, "dpkg --purge brltty', it says it says that it can't do that 
because I'd have to uninstall ubuntu-mate-desktop first. If I ask it to 
show me the dependencies for brltty, ubuntu-mate-desktop is not listed.

This is a fresh install of ubuntu vivid, 15.04.

Is there a way to force dpkg to recalculate it's dependencies? It has to 
be that the dependency date is messed up.

John Heim, jheim at, skype:john.g.heim

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