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You would probably get more help on the Orca list.  Since you're using the 
GUI, the Orca list probably has a lot more knowledgable people who can help. 
  That's also the place to go if you're having problems with Orca.  There 
isn't anything wrong with posting here, but the Orca list probably has more 
people who are familiar with the GUI.


On 9/8/2015 4:01 PM, Hank Smith, and Seeing-eye dog Iona wrote:
> but after I install     the os and boot up to it
> all it says as other user button there is no place to log in what so ever.
> so am a bit confused
> Hank
> On 9/8/2015 3:49 PM, Doug Smith wrote:
>> First of all log into the system.  You will hear a text area when the
>> graphical login screen comes up.  At this point, just type root and tab until
>> you hear the word next.  Press return to activate the button.
>> When you get into the desktop, you need to do this:
>> leafpad /etc/gdm3/daemon.conf
>> In this file, just uncomment the two lines which allow for automatic login
>> and you are done.  Reboot and you should go right in.
>> Glad to help and running kali over here now.
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