Grub hanging

Tony Baechler tony at
Sun Sep 13 09:05:07 UTC 2015

You didn't give background information leading up to the behavior you 
describe, so this is only a random guess.  It sounds like the GRUB image is 
out of sync with the image installed in the MBR.  I would boot a rescue CD, 
chroot into the Linux system, make sure all updates are installed paying 
especial attention to GRUB and run grub-install on your boot drive.  If that 
doesn't work, I'm afraid I don't know.

On 9/12/2015 10:49 PM, John J. Boyer wrote:
> I have a machine which is dual-boot with Vinux and Windows 7. When I try
> to boot the boot screen appears, but grub will not respond to any
> keystrokes or mouse movements. The USB devices are not activated, as
> they should be. There is no starting beep. It just sits there. How can I
> deal with this situation?

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