Reading Kindle books on Linux

Sam Hartman hartmans at
Tue Sep 15 15:02:15 UTC 2015

>>>>> "John" == John G Heim <jheim at> writes:

    John> No one on a linux users list should criticize someone else for
    John> their choice of platform. 

I don't criticize the choice of platform.
Beyond a certain point--and I definitely think command line linux is
well past that point--I don't think it's Amazon's problem to make it
I think it's entirely reasonable for you to try and convince them they
If I were in there position, I would be very hard to convince.
However,  I reject the idea that there is some ethical judgment against
Amazon because they choose not to support command-line Linux.
I'll note that they almost certainly don't support command-line Linux
for sighted users either.

    John> Otherwise, Amazon could say if you
    John> want access to our books, you have to buy our computers and
    John> use our software. 

I think it's entirely reasonable for Amazon to say this.
I'd choose not to do business with them if they did.

    John> And if it doesn't work for you, too
    John> bad. 

I wouldn't go that far.  Amazon for a variety of reasons has obligations
related to accessibility.  However, I think those obligations are only
related to the platforms they support.  I was very frustrated at
Amazon's Android accessibility, and cases where they used captchas with
no audio option on their websites (and had a nice chat with a VP at
Amazon about that issue).
However, in these cases, they have chosen to support Android and the
browser respectively.

They have not, and I don't think it is reasonable that they should be
obligated to, support command-line Linux.

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