Are there any TV Tuner Cards that work Well with Linux?

Martin McCormick martin.m at
Wed Sep 23 13:16:44 UTC 2015

That's the whole message in the subject line. I want to come up
with a DVR solution for us that is accessible. My wife is
sighted so I hope to put together a system that will schedule
recordings and have speakup available so I can tell what is going

	A lot of what makes a tuner card work or not is whether
or not the drivers exist in Linux. If they exist, then everything
can be made to work. If not, you've just got another expensive
warm brick.

	Our cable system went totally digital in August so in
order to make our old Zenith VCR work, one must put an
analog-to-digital converter ahead of it and this effectively
renders the VCR's ability to select a channel useless since there
is only one channel in it's world, now and that's whatever the
output of the converter box is set to.

	Thanks for any good ideas, here.

	If there is a DVR that does talk, I am interested in that
but, failing that, I want a tuner card that works with Linux and
that should get us going. Many thanks.

Martin McCormick

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