debian-firmware disks

Tony Baechler tony at
Sun Sep 27 11:36:33 UTC 2015

If I understand correctly, you're saying that the regular DVD does beep, but 
the DVD with non-free firmware doesn't.  Exactly which DVD image did you 

I'm asking because if one image is beeping and the other isn't, you've found 
a bug and it should be reported.  My understanding is that all CD and DVD 
images from stable should beep, regardless of whether they include non-free 
firmware.  If you downloaded from testing, there is no beep and that is 
expected.  DDs who do multiple installs with testing didn't want to be 
bothered by hearing a beep potentially dozens of times, so it is disabled 
for testing and unstable.

On 9/27/2015 4:05 AM, Jude DaShiell wrote:
> It's possible to use these for accessible installs however the boot
> procedure is a little different.  The firmware disks do not beep at the grub
> prompt.  However if you hit s just as you hear the dvd start spinning up and
> then hit enter, you will have speech over the sound card shortly. The first
> time the disk just spun up so I powered down and decided to try what I just
> wrote and it does work.  I was able to configure the wifi network with the
> disk I downloaded so will be doing a reinstall of the laptop later today.

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