Monitoring Trafic through a Gateway?

Kelly Prescott kprescott at
Fri Apr 1 10:41:50 UTC 2016

Tell us more information?
Does your Linux box connect wirelessly or is it physically connected with
Ethernet cable?
With u-verse, tipically the addresses are handed out via dhcp from the
supplied AT&T equipment.

Do you statically assign your box or does it get its address via dhcp?
Did you change anything before the problem started?
Have you tried changing out the network card in your desktop assuming that
it is a cabled connection?


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Wow, this has been quite a challenge. 4weeks ago I began having wireless
issues, which eventually, now only 1 of my 2 AT&T Uverse boxes work, and my
Apple TV is spiratic. Several techs figured out these devices work when my
Linux desktop machine is disconnected from the gateway. At our LUG a
gentleman suggested I run "mrtg" as a cron job, but he says it produces
pritty graphs, which some1 would need to look at. So I looked through Debian
package for items related with routers. I tried installing the following,
but had some errors:
sudo aptitude install libpath-router-perl libr3-0 librouter-simple-perl
roger-router-cli smcroute Back again live: So can some1 please inform, are
their simpler ways of grabbing a text output of trafic running through this
Gateway? This router I can access with  but in elinks I can
actually login, but in L Y N X I can just have a basic view. Thanks in
advance for any suggestions, as I really need to fix this so all these items
run at the same time.

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