Booting instead of DHC Errors?

Tony Baechler tony at
Mon Apr 18 11:14:53 UTC 2016

Since no one answered on list, I'll take a guess. First, if you don't have 
speech, how are you reading the errors? Could it be DHCP? That shouldn't 
prevent the machine from booting. Even if the network is down, it should 
still boot to a login prompt. I hope you don't have a hardware problem. If 
you had a surge without a surge protector, you might have fried your router 
which might explain it, but again, the machine should still boot.

Secondly, if you're still running your custom kernel, Speakup should support 
serial speech. You should still have speech even in single user mode. I've 
used Speakup that way when doing maintenance. You can start ssh by hand if 
necessary. You might have to load speakup_dectlk without speech, but I 
didn't have to on the server, but that has been a long time ago and I always 
booted to a standard login prompt first. If you have speakup_dectlk in your 
initramfs, it shouldn't matter.

. Regarding talking live CDs, I have the one I developed. Since you're 
running 32-bit, you want livetest6-32.iso. Note that it's in very early 
testing, but it works fine for me. I've had reports of various problems with 
wireless, but I can't confirm this.

User: root
Password: root

User: user
Password: user

Note that it currently only supports software speech. I do have my custom 
kernel 4.3.3 packages, but I haven't got around to installing them on the CD 
yet. The CD images really need a lot more testing, but as I don't have 
wireless here, I can't track down the problem. Let us know how things turn 
out for you.

On 4/17/2016 11:40 AM, Hart Larry wrote:
> Hi All: Friday morning around 440AM we had a brief power hit, probably
> because of 30MPH winds here in Southern Cal. Anyway, surprised my UPS didn't
> react better. So after 168days my Linux machine went off the air
> Sorry, but this laptop is murdering my typing.
> So the Linux machine was looping 5lines of errors about dhc, including
> gateway addresses. After the 2nd beep there seem to be 3 kernel choices, 1
> of which has no speech. I would suppose even if I could get in safe mode  I
> might not have speech? So can some1 please inform how, other than a live cd
> I can boot past these dhc errors? Thanks so much in advance
> Hart
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