Booting instead of DHC Errors?

Hart Larry chime at
Mon Apr 18 13:36:13 UTC 2016

Thanks so much Tony. Also rather surprised my message to the Speakup list 
bounced. Yes I have speech if I just hit enter on 2 of the 3 kernel options, but 
errors involving ifup and several items beginning with dhc continue looping. The 
Gateway is fine, as other items such as Magic Jack and my Uverse boxes are all 
connecting just fine. In trying to find out how to boot in an interactive 
session, seemingly I could hit "escape" at that kernel beep, but from that point 
on, I had no speech. So an extreme point here was I had no way of going past 
those errors to a login prompt. And since I cannot get to an ncftp prompt I 
couldn't try your CD. Thanks once again
Hart 636AM

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