Booting instead of DHC Errors?

Tony Baechler tony at
Tue Apr 19 11:52:39 UTC 2016

Yes, seems to be down. My messages bounced too. The CD is 
on the web. You should have no problem downloading it with your laptop. This 
probably won't work, but what if you try this as root?


I don't know why you aren't getting to a login prompt. Are you getting a 
message to enter your root password for system maintenance? If so, you 
probably have a disk or hardware problem. It could be your hard drive going 
bad which explains why it won't boot and you get the looping errors. Even 
without DHCP and the network down, you should still eventually get a login 
prompt. The only reasons why you wouldn't are because you chose single user 
mode, there is a problem with your initrd (doubtful since your system ran 
168 days) or fsck didn't pass and your drive is corrupted. In the later 
case, I hope you have good backups. I know that isn't very helpful, but 
without sitting at the machine, I can't offer much else. If you aren't 
getting any prompt at all, you're in serious trouble as you can't even run 
fsck without a live CD. I really, really hope you have recent backups.

On 4/18/2016 6:36 AM, Hart Larry wrote:
> Thanks so much Tony. Also rather surprised my message to the Speakup list
> bounced. Yes I have speech if I just hit enter on 2 of the 3 kernel options,
> but errors involving ifup and several items beginning with dhc continue
> looping. The Gateway is fine, as other items such as Magic Jack and my
> Uverse boxes are all connecting just fine. In trying to find out how to boot
> in an interactive session, seemingly I could hit "escape" at that kernel
> beep, but from that point on, I had no speech. So an extreme point here was
> I had no way of going past those errors to a login prompt. And since I
> cannot get to an ncftp prompt I couldn't try your CD. Thanks once again
> Hart 636AM
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