Jude DaShiell jdashiel at panix.com
Thu Apr 21 08:09:11 UTC 2016

I installed the software and found fbcmd go access and fbcmd go auth 
didn't do anything so couldn't do anything with fbcmd auth xxx.  I suspect 
fbcmd will need a web browser associated with it to use but how to do that 
is undocumented and am wondering if anyone here ever figured that out and 
got it working.  The lynx browser certainly cannot be used.  I have elinks 
on the system and found http://pleistocenecoalition.com/ blocks lynx as 
well but does work with elinks.  The facebook page just complains about 
lynx and really ought not have any problem dealing with such a basic 
browser but don't know what it will do with elinks.  Last resort I could 
try all of this in a graphical user interface system but if I was going to 
do that, I'm sure there are facebook clients on that kind of system that 
aren't abandonware and are accessible.  It will also be helpful to know 
that fbcmd is too broken to use too if that is the case.


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