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Hi all,

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Tony Baechler <tony at> wrote:

> On 4/24/2016 5:53 PM, Rudy Vener wrote:
> > Has anyone else had a problem with youtube-dl suddenly not working?
> > Normally when this happens, a call to youtube-dl -U to fetch the latest
> > version fixes whatever problem Youtube has introduced. Not this time.  
> No, actually I've grabbed a ton of audio lately without problems. Can you 
> give the exact output? Are you running it from an installed package or from 

Well, I'm not vision-impaired, but nevertheless I tried "youtube-dl -U" and
downloading a video using youtube-dl now, and it worked perfectly well, and
the video played fine - audio and pictures in VLC:

shlomif at telaviv1:~$ youtube-dl -U
youtube-dl is up-to-date (2016.04.24)
shlomif at telaviv1:~$ youtube-dl -f 43 -l
[youtube] GoEn1YfYTBM:
Downloading webpage [youtube] GoEn1YfYTBM: Downloading video info webpage
[youtube] GoEn1YfYTBM: Extracting video information
[youtube] GoEn1YfYTBM: Downloading MPD manifest
[download] Destination: Fall Together - Tiffany Alvord (Official Lyric
Video)-GoEn1YfYTBM.webm [download] 100% of 20.23MiB in 00:14

> >
> > Can anyone suggest a command line alternative to   youtube-dl?  
> There is youtube-viewer, but it's not really for the command line and still 
> uses youtube-dl or wget to get the actual video. Is it a specific video that 
> isn't working?

I agree that knowing a specific problematic video is a good idea.



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