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Tue Aug 2 06:47:49 UTC 2016

John J. Boyer wrote:
> That is the latest stable version of Debian? I am curently using Jessie.
> I like the idea of ArchLinux, because it never requires re-installation. 
> Why don't the other distros take a similar approach? However, i don't 
> want to start with the bare-bones installation that is downloadable. I 
> would like one that includes brltty, internet access and the package 
> manager.

Jessie is the stable version of Debian.

Devuan, a derivative of debian Jessie, is available as a minimal
live image with beep, brltty, espeak, espeakup, yasr

The release notes say:
Added an "accessible" runlevel (runlevel 4), which provides
audible feedback during boot and autologins on the first six
virtual consoles (root on tty1, devuan on tty2-6). 

I believe the developer will be responsive to feedback from
the community.

Devuan has rolled back systemd from Debian, so you can boot
and administer your Debian system in the old way. You have a
small init program running in the mother process which is
PID 1, which I find more maintainable and easier to reason
about than the giant edifice of systemd. 

Systemd developers work closely with the Gnome desktop
people, and makes certain kinds of notifications work better
in the desktop. 

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