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To be fair to grml, it already has most of those things. You do have to 
modprobe speakup_soft and then run espeakup to get speech. But brltty 
comes up automatically if you have a braille display. The grml 
developers have been very receptive to feedback over the years.

I am a little wary of a distro that does too much. The grml developers 
pretty much treat accessibility like anything else -- they include it if 
they can. In a way, that's a good approach because if it's too hard,  
the enthusiasm for maintaining it is going to fade over time.

On the other hand, grml hasn't had a new major release in 2 years. On 
the grml list, one of the developers implied that they were having 
trouble with their next release because of the switch to systemd. But I 
don't really know what is going on. It could be that the project is 
running out of steam. This stuff tends to depend on a single person 
driving the project. If that person has to move on for some reason, the 
project fizzles.
On 08/02/2016 03:07 AM, Peter Billam wrote:
> Greetings.  Joel Roth writes:
>> Devuan, a derivative of debian Jessie, is available as
>> a minimal live image with beep, brltty, espeak, espeakup, yasr
> It seems like years I've been waiting for this !
> And from the package-list it looks like there's alsa but no pulse.
> I look forward to trying it out.
> Good news :-)
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