l i n k s and the send user agent.

Karen Lewellen klewellen at shellworld.net
Thu Aug 4 22:55:31 UTC 2016

Hi folks,
I hope I ask this question clearly, forgive the spelling but I wish to 
draw a comparison.
Whenever i reach a 403 forbidden  error using l y n x the cat, I can 
change an option  in the options menu related to the user agent.
The option which is a check box is send user agent and allows you to, only 
once, prevent the agent from  being provided.
In almost all cases speaking only for myself, this  corrects the 403 error
  for that particular site.
My question is this.
There are times when l i n k s or even e-l i n k s  proves a better 
browser choice.
Does anyone know how to  impact the user agent in these browsers?  if 
perhaps  there is a comparable  choice in their configuration pages?
It should not make a difference, but  I access these tools on shellworld 
most often, on a dreamhost shell sometimes.

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