ADV: Re: redhat itself

Sam Hartman hartmans at
Fri Aug 12 15:13:02 UTC 2016

>>>>> "Janina" == Janina Sajka <janina at> writes:

    Janina> Hi, Sam: Well, you've certainly made my ears stam up
    Janina> straight! <grin>

    Janina> My work has been almost exclusively standards over the past
    Janina> dacde, primarily Linux Foundation -- which we need to
    Janina> reinvigorate, W3C which is highly productive just now, and
    Janina> also ISO SC35 the subcommittee on user interfaces.

    Janina> What are your standardization interests, if I may ask and
    Janina> you'd be willing to say more?

Entirely unrelated to accessibility.
A lot of Internet security stuff.

See  for my IETF

My previous company also did work with Open Flow and with Smart Grid.  I
didn't end up being named on anything but had discussions with our
engineers on those projects.

It's not directly standards work, but I currently sit on the Debian
Technical Committee.

I think I would be a good person to work with in the following ways:

* I understand Linux technology.  I care about accessibility, but I also
  care about the challenges developers and product owners face.  I'm
  totally happy to use GUIs, touch screens, and the like when I can
  actually use them and get work done.  However I'm happy to scream
  loudly when something like the VMware console situation gets in the
  way of people doing their jobs.

* I'm reasonably good at explaining accessibility issue to developers
  and I think I'm reasonably good at explaining the technical challenges
  to non-technical accessibility advocates.

* I'm good at building consensus.

* I think I would come across very positively giving testimony in a lot
  of these issues.

If I'm not needed, that's great.  I have plenty of interesting problems
to work on in security, Debian, and non-technical work.  But if there
are specific projects where getting someone like me involved might
really help, I do care that blind IT professionals like myself are able
to succeed.  I am also happy to stand as an another example that when we
succeed at accessibility, IT opens really amazing opportunities.


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