How did people here learn GUIs

Martin McCormick martin.m at
Sat Aug 13 13:15:17 UTC 2016

	There is a little progress to report since I posted this
a week ago. One of the things about the modern world of
technology is that unless one gets very lucky and reads what I
would call the Complete Story On such and such, it is easy to
miss things. Some time after posting this problem with Kodi,
someone told me that there is a Kodi screen reader for the Mac.

	Just as we have .resource files for controlling the
behavior of vim and many other things, there is a slightly
different version of that idea when you run a Mac application.
Every user on a Mac has a Library file in his or her user space
and that directory will contain subdirectories which have
configuration files that applications look for when you run them.

	The Kodi screen reader is a set of python scripts that
fits in to one of those directories so you get the screen reader
every time you run Kodi. It is necessary to turn off voiceover
and let the Kodi screen reader work and then turn it back on when
one is finished.

Janina Sajka <janina at> writes:
> Sounds like Kody gui was built using a toolkit that doesn't support
> atk/at-spi2.
> If there's an api, you could build another interface, perhaps from the
> cli.

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