A dumb question on gunzip

Tim Chase blinux.list at thechases.com
Tue Aug 16 14:51:39 UTC 2016

On August 16, 2016, Anders Holmberg wrote:
> Now to my dum question.

Not a dumb question...

> How would one know the exact link for a file to download from with
> Wget? I can google it of course but i ask here first.

Hah, you answered your own question.  I googled for something like
"cygwin user guide".  The first result was the split-into-pages URL
so I tried the second result which gave me options for the split-page
version as well as one whole-page version (along with a PDF version
that I ignored).  That gave me the link to the URL for the download
that I fed to wget.


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