How do I subscribe to the Orca user and development lists?

MENGUAL Jean-Philippe mengualjeanphi at
Wed Aug 17 20:01:24 UTC 2016


Thanks for your proposal for helping Orca. You can subscribe here:

On this list are discussed, between devs and users, all Orca features,
support, etc.

The braille support on GNU/Linux is somewhat complex. It relies on
brltty, and for graphical user interface, brlapi. This stack should be
improved, in particular to have braille preferences enabled in the QUI.
But I'm sure there are things to do at Orca level.

One thing is sure is that Orca can be improved, on the Web, even if
accessibility issues are often due to apps. But I'm sure Orca can do
better on the Web when I see NVDA.


Le 17/08/2016 à 21:34, John J. Boyer a écrit :
> I'm looking at improving Braille in NVDA, and I would like to see if I 
> can help in Orca also. However, i changed my email address and lost the 
> subscription information. Please refresh my memory.
> thanks,


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