Strange mail problem

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Sat Dec 10 15:52:55 UTC 2016

In addition to Janina's suggestions, it would also help to know

1) how are you storing mail?  In maildir or mbox format?

2) if you look in your local mail directories, is all the mail
there.  Determining the number of messages may depend on which format
you're storing it in.  For mbox, you should be able to do

  grep -c '^From' ${MAIL_STORE}/your_mbox_file

and for the maildir format, you should be able to

  find ${MAIL_STORE}/.{cur,new} -type f | wc -l

My main interest would be whether fetchmail is successfully pulling
in the mail but mutt isn't seeing it, or if fetchmail is failing to
bring in all the mail in the first place.


On December  9, 2016, John J. Boyer wrote:
> I am using the latest Debian at the command line. For email I use
> fetchmail, procmail, mutt and msmtp. I have scripts that call
> fetchmail in daemon mode and then call mutt. Fetchmail is then
> killed. The weird thing is that if there are more than 10 messages
> I can see only the first 10. The others show up many minutes later
> as new mail. What causes this and how can it be fixed?
> Thanks,
> John
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